The primary goal of the Section, is to create a common high standard for Rheumatology in European countries and establish a standard in Training Requirement that can be recognised across Europe. This should also allow for mutual recognition between European Countries.

The objectives are:

  • To improve the awareness of UEMS/EBR and its activities amongst rheumatologists and their national societies, national organizations responsible for training and CME and the European Commission;
  • To expand its collaboration with relevant institutions (UEMS, EULAR) and its influence.
  • To raise standards of specialist training by
    • Establishing standards of training centers
    • Ensuring these standards are met by training centers by processes of accreditation, documentation and visitation
    • Ensuring that trainees have a comprehensive training according to UEMS/EBR and national standards and that there is evidence of the satisfactory completion of this with the acquisition of appropriate competencies through log books, appraisal and examination
    • Enabling training in different centres within Europe
  • To maintain standards of clinical care by recommendations for requirements for CME
  • To ensure provision of appropriate and high quality educational activity; setting and monitoring standards for courses, meetings and other educational activities.
  • To promote the development of the specialty of rheumatology