Most commonly used terms within the UEMS

UEMS - European Union of Medical Specialists

UEMS EC - UEMS Executive
UEMS EEC - UEMS Enlarged Executive

NMA – National Member Associations
WG PGT - Working Group on Postgraduate Training
WG CME - Working Group on Continuing Medical Education
WG ehealth - Working Group on eHealth
WG Specialist Practice - Working Group on Specialist Practice in current health systems
WG Quality of Care – Working Group on Quality of Care
MJC - Multidisciplinary Joint Committee
T.F - Thematic Federation

S&B – Sections and European Boards
CME - Continuing Medical Education
EACCME - European Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education
ECMEC - European Continuing Medical Education Credits
NAA – National Accreditation Authority
ESAB – European Speciality Accreditation Board
AMA - American Medical Association

PGT - postgraduate training
ECAMSQ - European Council for Accreditation of Medical Specialist Qualifications
CESMA - Council for European Specialist Medical Assessment
CPD - Continuing Professional Development
SCeP – Steering Committee on e-Platform

QA - Quality Assurance
EACQM - European Accreditation Council for Quality Management

EMOs - European Medical Organisations
EMOs - European Medical Organisations
UEMO - Union Européenne des Médecins Omnipracticien (GPs)
FEMS - Fédération Européenne des Médecins Salariés (Salaried doctors)
AEMH - Association Européenne des Médecins Hospitaliers (hospital doctors
CEOM - Council of European Medical Orders
CPME - Comité Permanent des Médecins Européens (Standing Committee of European Doctors)
EMSA - European Medical Students Association
EJD - European Junior Doctors

EU Affairs
ACMT – Advisory Committee on Medical Training
CEN - Centre Européen de Normalisation -European Standardisation Centrer
EMA – European Medicine Agency
ECDC – European Center for Disease prevention and Control
EFPIA - European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Association
EUCOMED - European Committee for Medical Device
COCIR European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry
EU – European Union
MS – Member States
EC – European Commission
EP – European Parliament
DG SANCO – Directorate General for Health and Consumers (European Commission)
DG MARKT – Directorate General for Internal Market (European Commission)
IMCO – Internal Market Committee (European Parliament)
ENVI – Committee on Environment and Health (European Parliament)
PQD – Professional Qualifications Directive
CBC – Cross Border Care
IMI – Internal Market Information System
JA – Joint Action